18 March 2011

Seeing green

From emmas design blog - best for scan design.

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03 May 2010

simple & smart

bike helmets that match your style pedal for pedal. by yakkay. available on finnish design shop.

01 May 2010

game changer

less is indeed more. puma + yves = brill

25 April 2010

saddle up

new bag for summer from claire vivier

unbeatable combination

a springtime bike ride and new boots from helm / a new company from friend and client, joshua bingaman. see more at helm handmade.

summer feet

super fine summer clogs from swedish hasbeens. the style in red is called grease. 
you better shape up, indeed. available online at hasbeens.

19 February 2010

Just Ship

This video from 99 percent features Writer and Creative firebrand, Seth Godin. He talks about how vital getting our ideas out in the world really is.

17 February 2010

yummy winter greens

sunday suppers has some of the best food fotos i have seen in a very long time. this work communicates community and fellowship as it relates to sharing a table with wonderful people. and the winter salad looks like it is yummy. full of beautiful texture and color.

texil cables

these are easy to use for all of your home lighting adventures. good plain or with a jar, lantern, or basket. very affordable and easy to order on midsommar

jam it up

more jar repurposing from decor8

rays of light

repurposed old jars as lights / ideas from desire to inspire

Planning For Terrace Time

Excellent photo styling by Muskelil.

06 October 2009

mossy high

found a great new blog hashai. loads of before and afters design/decor shots.

05 October 2009

04 October 2009


my cousin was visiting last week and we found some amazing clothes for the babe. danish geniuses katvig won out big

brighten the kitchen with color

for dreary winter days the best antidote is color.
stockholm kitchens from japanese press paumes.

play time

Berlin has some of the most amazing playgrounds. Have been enjoying these inner-city treasures with my cousin and her babe.

10 September 2009

trans-pecos love letters

desert adventure 2009 | el cosmico

american lens

mathew scott captures the essence of america in the 21st century. see more of his photos here.

09 September 2009

wiry bits

pretty wire creations from fil di ferro.

practical need

practical note pads from the clever people at knock knock. i feel like i'm always looking for something like this every time i go on a trip and when i try to responsibly plan menus.

02 September 2009

refreshing summertime baths

don't know if this is available worldwide, but it's a great summertime bath product. chestnut bath from weleda

27 August 2009

19 August 2009

color tick

i'm a big fan of the swatch. it's practical, simple, durable and has a fiscally sensitive price tag. these watches from triwa are a mix of rubber and stainless steel. they're a nice alternative to the swiss standard - and in succulent colors. available here

18 August 2009

cup of beauty & funny

ashes & milk is an online gallery that straddles the time/space challenge of modern vs. traditional with grace. its mission is deeply rooted in nature and simplicity. they have curated a lovely, organic and singular selection in their online gallery space.

they best express their mission in their own words:
ashes & milk is an online gallery space founded on the principle that a lot can be created from very little. We are driven by modern ideas with a reverence for traditional methods and believe that the things we bring into our homes should have a soul and a sense of history.

Our collection is a boutique of texture, organic materials, and nuances of white, brown, and gray. Each piece is made by hand - an original work of art. Created by one person, designed for one person.

Ashes & Milk is honored to present our patrons with a very fine selection of artists and their work. We love the artists we represent: for they observe the world in amazing detail and respond by constructing the most unexpected, beautiful things.

hairy chested swimmer by helen beard

natural | imaginative | delicious

sarah weiner, my new food crush, has a few restaurants in berlin. she's a promi-chef who puts her focus on traditional, simple and healthy foods. she's one of the leading foodie activists against gen-manipulated foods.

i have one cookbook of hers, frau am herd (lady by the stove) - i love it. i am looking forward to trying her food at her cafes and checking out her set up. specifically menu design, uniforms, decor and operations.

majakowski.gasthaus | berlin

with my summertime schedule and 'new to berlin' status, i've been doing a lot of research about my new surroundings.

i found this great design work about this restaurant on the outskirts of town. i haven't found much else about it and am very intrigued. the identity is done by a berlin/vienna cooperative called up designers.